Updates & Offers


Effective March 1st a $10 fee will be assessed for no-shows and those who cancel less than 2 hours from the start of class. Your first offense will get a warning and after this the fee will be assessed. The Fees will be assessed at the end of each month.

EARLY BIRD classes
Effective April 1st you must cancel your class (5:00 am and 6:00 am) by 9 PM the night before. This is for ONLY for early bird classes. A $10 fee will be assessed for late cancels and no-shows

CONVENANCE credit card FEE

Effective April 1st….If you are using Discover or American Express to pay for any purchases…which includes memberships that are on auto pay…..you will be charged a $5.00 convenience fee per month. If you do not want these charges, please change your card on file to a MasterCard or Visa. Preferably debit card.

MINIMUM PURCHASE of $10.00 when using credit card.

WAITLIST Email or text alerts  if you didn’t check off that you wanted email or text alerts when schedule changes happen, you will NOT be notified if you are off the waitlist. You must go back in your account and check off!

Join a Community That Feels Like a Team…

Regardless of your fitness level, CYCLING unifies groups of people through hard work and dedication. You don’t just sit in class unaffected by your neighbor, you and your neighbor begin to motivate one another. In those moments, you become more than a group of riders – you become a team.
Riding together also gives you the opportunity to encourage others. You can inspire those who have not yet reached your level of fitness, while those stronger than you inspire you. Working together, everyone who rides can reach his or her goals and share in the benefits of CYCLING together.



Coming Together

As we continue to get the studio in tip top shape for our Opening, we wanted to share progress that has been made. Looking forward to posting the finished pics soon!!!