Joyride Testimony

Esme -

My Joyride started August 2020 Covid

Spinning class has grown so important to me it’s became a necessity to my everyday life. Not only has this become my safe place for me to express my true self without judgment underneath every flaw, but a place take away from my stress, fears and heartbreak from this thing we call life .2019 was a dark time for me ,losing someone so dear to me but cycling has helped me back into light I am alive again!!! Very proud to say not only my physical appearance has improved as well as my mental state of mind . I’m so thankful to come as far I’ve have .cycling is now a way of life I won’t have it any other way . Cycling allowed me to forget about any worries for 45 minutes . I love the motivation and energy all the instructors give you . Good Vibes .my cycling trip family for ever❤️

Lauren -

Fitness family

CycleTrip had been recommended to me by multiple people since the day it opened and I finally decided to go all in, when I needed it most, right in the middle of the pandemic. Big name gyms are just not for me and I much prefer working out in a class type setting. CycleTrip offers so many classes for you to choose from and are geared for all different levels of fitness. Their cycle classes are top notch with outstanding instructors and their strength classes challenge me daily and push me to be the best version of myself. CycleTrip is not just your average gym, it is a small business that quickly becomes your fitness family. Everyone is so encouraging and kind and wants you to succeed just as much as you do! I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the CycleTrip family and I am so glad I found my fitness home. Always positive vibes!

Robyn M -

Finding My Joyride

I have been telling myself for years I need to get back into working out, but going to the gym and aimlessly wandering between machines didn’t seem like a great option. Someone suggested I try cycling since I enjoy riding my bike around the numerous parks downriver. I joined Cycletrip and never looked back! Not only is it an amazing way to work out, with motivating instructors, you feel as though you are at home. I know cheesy, but it’s true. Whenever I am feeling a little run down or need that extra boost to go workout, someone is always there (instructor or member) to help motivate me. As a result, I see myself accomplishing goals I never dreamt I could accomplish. I am getting stronger and leaner each day and, honestly, owe it all the amazing people here at CycleTrip.

Crystal Pappas -

Best workout studio

I joined Cycle trip in May of 2020 when all workouts had to be spaced out and done outside and that was just the beginning. I was not only hooked on working out and seeing results both physically and mentally but a place to call home. It is great going into any class whether it be early morning, midday, or evening to feel welcome and supported with no judgement but encouraged by all. Everyone here becomes like family and I know I have found My Joyride

Kathleen Segraves -

Found My Joyride

CycleTrip has helped me find my joyride and upped my fitness game. I loved running outdoors as the cardio portion of my workout, but injuries to my feet (bone spurs and neuromas) prevented me from continuing. I always dreaded cycling, so I gave up on cardio. That was until I found CycleTrip! The bikes are state of the art, the equipment and building is always clean, the instructors are friendly and fun. They do a great job of mixing aerobic and anaerobic endurance into their classes to help me slim down and build lean muscle mass. Did I mention I no longer have problems with my feet? And the clientele are the so supportive and kind. It feels more like friends than strangers you get to know during classes. I can’t say enough about this place and I’m just so happy and grateful I found it. Thank you CycleTrip for helping me on my fitness journey.

Michele Satko -

Michele Satko

I love Cycletrip studio. I was looking for a place to do spin classes. Cycletrip was recommended to me by multiple people. I am glad I gave it a try. I found a beautiful place with extremely friendly people. The environment is truly a supportive one. I also found their weight/ resistance bands/ bozu/ barre/ terracore classes to be challenging.

Gloria G. -

Found my JOYRIDE

I have recently been asked why I chose CycleTrip Studio and not a gym...well the answer is simple. I walked into CycleTrip in September of 2021, ibwas a beginner with no Cycle experience. I was welcomed openly and encouraged daily. The instructors know me by name, they send positive vibes amd truly want you to succeed. The owner Shannon Bauer-Perry is in the trenches with you. Teaching and helping you every step of the way. I walked in a beginner once.....i am now a part if a family. I am still on my journey and love that I have my 5 am crew cheering me on. Even while I am currently on the sidelines I know my crew is rooting for me!!!!

Consuelo Harris AKA Connie -

My Journey

My Joy Ride Story started after I was in remission .... and it seemed that no matter how much I went to the gym ... my energy level and my weight never changed. There are many places People can go to work out, but none compare to cycletrip studio. Here you have many Great classes.. different instructors... and people who are more like family than just someone you know at the gym... I love getting my ass kicked ...and being pushed these are 💯 the reasons I go to cycletrip studio.... Below is when I started 3 years ago and just recently ... the number on my shirt was a 3 year celebration from cycletrip studio on how many classes I attended #staystrongandpositive 💪#20yearsfriendship💗

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