Joyride Testimony

Victoria Greenwood -

Vicky’s joyride success story

I have known Shannon for many years and during the first year of Cycle Trip being open, she had asked me numerous times to come check it out and see if it would be something I liked. I always had some sort of excuse and actually dodged her at school functions because I knew she would tell me to come in. Finally in December of 2019, around Christmas, I took a step back and looked at all of the pictures taken of me from the holidays. All I knew was one thing, I was not happy with my appearance and something had to give. Planet Fitness or the quick fix diets were doing nothing to help me lose the weight I so desperately wanted off. My before picture with my family should have been a happy memory but instead it was clouded about how uncomfortable I felt about myself, right after I saw it I contacted Shannon and my Husband, and I immediately signed up. Since that day I am so happy to announce that I am down 25 pounds, I am happy, healthier, and more confident than I ever was before. I have finally found what works for me. Cycle Trip is so much more than just a spin bike for me and my family, it has helped us build our confidence back, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and create lifelong friendships, we are truly a family at Cycle Trip, and I would recommend it for anyone who felt the way that I did.

Cat Fesko -

Take that first step!

I’ve been sitting here thinking if I wanted to post this picture or not, but after much deliberation I said screw it, I’m gonna have people who love it or hate it and that’s ok!!! The first picture of me is the day I started taking Thrive thanks to Kristin L. Scott for introducing this to me back in April / may 2020, I am so embarrassed and ashamed for letting myself get that big 😕 i seriously Cannot believe that was me! The second picture is 4/5 months into Thrive and the start to my cycling Journey 🚴, the third pic was taken this morning 2/3/21 ☺️ I cannot believe the difference I am nowhere near where I want to be in my weight but I’m getting there. It was very hard for me to start making a change in myself and it’s still hard for me to keep at it every day. I’m no workout expert and I barely know what I’m doing half the time. Being a full-time mom and wife and also working it’s easy to Forget about yourself and just let yourself go. but I’m glad I decided to take that first step. I will never let myself get that way again And I don’t care if I get no likes on this post I just want everyone to know Who is struggling like I was that it is possible. You just have to make the change & wanna do it for yourself don’t do it for anyone else and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! I’m no spring chicken 🤣😩 I don’t have the body that I used to but I’m learning to love the body that I have ❤️ P.S I still have a LONG way to go and a lot of toning up to do but this is the start 💪🏽



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